Build SPV guide

Using the Build feature on our website greatly helps us expedite your deal.

  • First off, please tell us your investment category. We currently support SPVs and Funds. Reg CF and SPAC support is planned for the future. For now, you can select these options to be put on a waiting list. We will alert you once we have rolled out these features.
  • Select SPV, to set up an SPV on our platform

  • Choose the type of asset your SPV is investing in and click next

  • Please let us know your desired delivery speed and click next

  • Please select your wiring date. This is the date you anticipate you will need to send the money raised by the SPV to the portfolio company

  • On this screen, please outline your fee structure.
  • What is your management fee? Is it one-time or annual? What type of carry are you charging and will all investors be subject to the same carry fee?

  • Let's talk about your offering.
  • Do you want to use Allocations as the exempt reporting adviser?
  • Will this be a 506b offering or 506c offering? The main difference is that for 506c offerings you are able to market your deal, however each of your investors will be required to show a certificate of accreditation.
  • Allocations is partnered with VerifyInvestor for accreditation services
  • Lastly, please let us know if you want to use our fund template docs for the deal or not. Choosing to use our template helps us expedite your deal.


Now just give let us know which portfolio company you are planning to invest in and give us a way to reach you.

We will follow-up with the next steps to onboard your deal.